Day Six: Serving and Playing Until the End

Today was our last day of work here in Cincinnati, and it was packed! We started off doing a mailing project for SOTENI, an organization housed in Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church that focuses on clean water projects in Africa. When we finished the mailing, they provided us with a delicious pizza lunch as a thank you for helping.

After lunch we went to the Community Center where we’ve had our showers, but this time we went to help with their Day Camp program. All afternoon was spent playing dodgeball and basketball, dancing, coloring, singing and laughing with children from the neighborhood. It was an amazing time where everyone’s unique gifts and talents could shine.

Our final service location was a program call Off the Streets that helps older women with a variety of services. We provided snacks and played bingo with some of the women, who won prizes that would be useful for their homes. They were lots of fun and we enjoyed talking with them while we played.

After our work day ended we took super fast showers and then went to dinner at a German restaurant just across the river in Kentucky. This whole area has a strong German influence, so it made sense to enjoy some German cuisine on our last night in Cincinnati.

We’re packed and in bed now. Tomorrow we’ll get up, eat breakfast, clean up, load the vans, and head for home. It’s been a great trip and we can’t wait to share stories and pictures in worship on Sunday, June 30th!

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