Day Two: Market to Table

Day two of our trip was filled with opportunities to begin knowing this city and her people (plus a little history).

We started with a delicious breakfast. Food is always excellent on a trip when you’ve got Jeff Becker with you! After breakfast, we headed to the Findlay Market to select some of our food for the week.

Youth divided into groups and purchased things that looked tasty or interesting: breads, veggies, cheeses, pasta, and meats. Then we got lunch to go and brought everything back to the church so we could eat and put away groceries.

After lunch and a quick nap, we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center for a tour at the Holocaust and Humanity Center. This new museum tells the stories of holocaust survivors who settled in Cincinnati, and encourages visitors to use their gifts as “upstanders” instead of being bystanders to oppression and hatred.

After the tour we also watched an OMNI film about Ancient Egyptian mummification of Pharaohs and other leaders. Then we came back to the church and spent the evening creating an amazing dinner by pulling together some of the items purchased at the market.

We ended the day by sharing highs, lows, and God moments. Now we’re headed to bed — tomorrow we’ll worship with our host church and enjoy some of their hospitality.

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