Epic Heifer Ranch Trip, Day 5: Service is Joy!

This morning after breakfast, about half of our group chose to do some extra weeding on our own and gave some attention to the Peace Garden here at the Ranch. The head of the CSA noticed and let us pick some blueberries and blackberries as a treat. Yum!

For our morning, we did another round of service learning (work) on the Ranch. Half of our group went with the livestock team to clean out the chicken nurseries. The other half finished weeding the field of squash that was started on Tuesday. Both were hot and dirty jobs, but our new mantra is “service is joy.”

After work we had time to shower, eat lunch, and nap. Then our afternoon was filled with a final class on how Heifer International operates around the world. We learned about the differences between vulnerable, subsistence, and resilient communities, played games, and wrote letters to ourselves that will be sent later in the year.

Following dinner, we had time to hang out. Some played card games, others hiked around the Ranch, and others took naps or talked in smaller groups. We ended the day with highs/lows/god sightings and prayer. Now we’re packing so that we can head to Little Rock in the morning. Goodnight!

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