Epic Heifer Ranch Trip, Day 4: Global Village and Other Challenges

Today we woke up in the Global Village. It was a cool, misty morning and we woke up early after very little sleep. The slums had the job of cooking breakfast for the entire village, but their fire pit was full of water. Thankfully, Thailand still had coals going, so we journeyed to their home and cooked/are our oatmeal there.

Following breakfast, we had to pack our things and clear out the village. After doing so, we all had chores to help reset the village for next week’s volunteers. Then, when everything was clean and reset, the whole group debriefed our experience in the Global Village. It was hard to keep going through chores and debrief with so little food or sleep — another reminder of reality for so many in the world.

After the Global Village experience was over, we ate lunch in the dining hall, took showers, and got some rest. Then our team did some more intensive team building challenges out at the challenge course. Again, fatigue made everything harder, but there was a rush of energy when things went well on a challenge!

Dinner came next and was followed by a trip off-Ranch to Sonic. Then we had a time for devotional and highs/lows before heading to bed. Tomorrow will be another full day, so we need to catch up on sleep!

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