Epic Heifer Ranch Trip, Day 3: Service and Entering the Global Village

On Tuesday morning we had our first service (work) hours. We were split into two groups, with one cutting firewood and the other weeding rows of squash. Both jobs were hot and important to the daily needs on the Ranch. We tried to work with the motto “service is joy” in our hearts.

After our morning of work, we got ready to enter the Global Village. This hands on learning experience takes volunteers into a brief poverty simulation where groups are split into families, placed in different global locations with culturally appropriate housing, and given small amounts of resources. The goal of every group is to eat dinner and get some sleep in their housing, using the resources provided and by trading/working with other families.

Our group was divided into Thailand, Zambia, and the urban slums. Thailand featured a wooden house on stilts with breezy bamboo walls. Zambia had a round brick home with a cool concrete floor. The urban slums had a few small metal roofed shacks with uneven rocky dirt floors.

Shortly after we found out our locations and entered the Global Village, the rain started. It was a very wet night, but this didn’t change our goals. We still needed food and sleep, and so the work began. Our youth set to trading, working, problem-solving and cooking. There were a few arguments and struggles, both internally and with students from other church groups, but eventually cooperative meals were cooked at three different locations and we all got something to eat.

Sleep was more difficult. Between the rain, the bugs, the discomfort, the sounds, and even the pain from uneven rocky ground, sleep was elusive. We had lots of time to lie awake thinking about the meals we’d have the next day — and the people for whom hunger is a daily reality. For some of us, that thought made sleep even more difficult.

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