Chi Rho Mission Trip, Work Day #4

Today our only work was an evening shift in the community garden, but the temperature hit 100° — so the rest of the day we found ways to hang out in air conditioning. First we ate breakfast, and then headed out for a morning matinee showing of Spider Man. It was a really fun movie to watch as a group!

After the movie, we headed to a different location of the pizza restaurant we visited earlier this week (it was so good that everyone wanted to go again). The pizza was delicious and gave us the energy to run by one of the outlet stores. After we mostly window shopped, we went by the church for a quick nap during the hottest part of the day.

At the community garden, we broke into groups. One group dug potatoes, and the other group picked kale. Then, after a water break, the kale group started weeding the melon patch. By the time we were done, all the weeds were gone and we could see all the melons that had been hiding underneath. 

Before we left the garden, we spent some time bringing in today’s harvest and talking with the garden organizers about how they got started. We’re feeling rather inspired after seeing how much a church and wider community can do to provide healthy food for their neighbors!

Tonight we’re showering, cleaning, and packing for tomorrow’s drive home. It has been a truly great mission trip and we’re grateful  for all we’ve seen, experienced, learned, and done!


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