Chi Rho Mission Trip, Work Day #2

Today we spent the morning doing two special tours. First we toured First Christian Church of Des Moines, a Disciples congregation that sits on the edge of Drake University. Rev. Ryan Arnold was our guide, and he shared the history of the congregation and the building. Because of its size and location, the sanctuary has welcomed many major speakers through the years, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was awesome to be in that space with its historic pulpit and Tiffany stained glass!

After the church tour, Ryan handed us off to his friend Tony — the Director of Inclusion at Drake University. He took us on a tour of campus that helped everyone see what it’s like to live and study here in Des Moines.  The campus is beautiful, and it was interesting to see all the organizations that students have created for themselves. Plus, this was a great way to introduce our students to one of our historically Disciples-related universities!

We ate lunch at a cool pizza place where everyone could get their own specialty personal sized pizzas, and followed lunch up with frozen yogurt.  Delicious!  Then we went back to WDMCC to rest, cool off, and hang out before heading out to work.

This evening we went to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church to work in their community garden. We dug potatoes until it started raining. Then we helped bag the potatoes and onions that had been harvested throughout the afternoon/evening. All the produce from this garden goes directly to organizations like DMARC so that hungry families can have fresh and healthy (organic) produce.  What a great way for a church to use their space and labor for the sake of the community! 

After our work, we picked up dinner and brought it back to WDMCC. Now we’re showering and getting ready for bed so we can be fresh for another day!

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