Work Day 5: Fruit Ninja, Goodbyes, and Colorado Springs

Today was our final work day at Tennyson. The day was celebratory in a lot of ways: most kids were having good days, there was a special “Fruit Ninja” activity where the kids got to watch adults slice up fruit with real swords, and many classes took hikes or watched movies.

It was also a hard day because goodbyes are hard. In debrief we processed the different ways the kids received our goodbyes, and also spent a lot of time talking through the ways that our week st Tennyson has changed us. In many ways we are different people for having known and worked with these kids and staff — and we aren’t sure how those differences will play out when we return home.

After debrief we loaded the vans and headed south to Colorado Springs. We’re spending the night at FCC here in town so that we can pop over to Garden of the Gods in the morning. Tonight, after settling in, we went to a Jamaican/Italian fusion restaurant (surprisingly delicious!) and a fabulous ice cream parlor. Now we’re headed to bed early so we can start early tomorrow. We’ll be on the road for home by noon (Mountain Time).

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