Work Day 4: Classrooms, Field Trips, and the Mountaintop

Today our group hit the classrooms again. For some, the day was broken up by field trips to places like Red Rocks Ampitheater. Others remained on campus all day. The exciting part was that, in the midst of many breakdowns and disturbances, we were able to really begin noticing the many little victories that can happen in a day. It’s those tiny wins that help Tennyson staff to keep from burning out or losing hope, and that help students to begin believing that change is possible.

Debrief was incredibly helpful this afternoon. We focused on the ways we notice the positives more now that we have been in community with these kids. It is so much harder to believe stereotypes when you know someone, and that has certainly been true here this week.  

When asked the question “who would Jesus hang out with,” we answered without hesitation: Tennyson kids. It is an immeasurable privilege to hang out with them too. 

After our post-debrief nap, we went into downtown Denver for dinner at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant. Then we drove out of town to Lookout Mountain. The view was absolutely gorgeous! While on the mountain we hiked and then spent time praying for our Tennyson family. 

Now we’re back at Tennyson getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we work and then head south to Colorado Springs. 

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