Work Day 3: Classrooms, BBQ, and Water Play

Wednesdays are half days at Tennyson, so when volunteers are here we get to do something special. After a couple of morning hours in our classrooms, we all headed outside to start setting up a barbecue lunch for the kids and staff. 

Umbrellas went up, tables came outside, food was prepared, and the grill was lit to cook burgers and hot dogs. Then the kids arrived, classroom by classroom, and we served them an excellent lunch. When our class was there, we got to eat with them. Then we’d work the serving line so others could eat with their classes. It was noisy, joyful work and the kids (and staff) were pretty happy!

After lunch, all the day students headed home. We then set up for a special treat for the cottage kids (children who live on campus): an afternoon of water play! From slip and slides to kickball (with wading pools for the bases), kids and volunteers got plenty wet — and had a wonderful time.

When everything was cleaned up, we had debrief. During that session, we were asked to think of things in our daily lives that are privileges for kids at Tennyson. From privacy to new clothes, extra curricular activities to stable family life, our list covered lots of ground and helped us to think through what it is like for the kids who live and learn here. We also listed the resources they have that we don’t: things like constant teacher support, endless grace from teachers/staff/peers when they make unsafe choices, and acceptance with no strings attached. Tia reminded us that there is no reason why the grace experienced here can’t exist outside of Tennyson. But for it to exist, we have to choose it and share it.

After debrief we said goodbye to our friends from SCCC, as well as to Jack. SCCC headed south to Colorado Springs (we’ll join them on Friday night) and Jack flew to a family wedding. Everyone else napped for a bit before heading out for a night of pizza, ice cream, and play time at Sloan Lake.

Now we’re showering and heading to bed. We’ll check in again tomorrow!

One thought on “Work Day 3: Classrooms, BBQ, and Water Play

  1. It looks like you are all having a great time. I am so thankful to Lara and Gina for making this trip possible. I can’t wait to see everyone when you get home. Safe travel prayers to you you all.

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