Work Day 2: Settling In & Iron Chef

Today was our first full day in our classrooms. Because it is summer, that meant field trips for some (Sloan Lake, splash park, etc.) and outdoor activities on campus for others.  

Some of the kids we’re working with are slowly letting us in, while others likely won’t all week. Some of our classes were on track all day, while some of our kids went on run or made other choices that were unsafe. All around, it was a good and tiring day.

In debrief we spent time thinking about the kids we feel a connection with as well as the kids we find ourselves keeping at a distance — much of that has to do with our own “stuff” rather than truly being about the kids. Tia challenged us to consider why it is easier for us to show grace to the kids here than it is to show grace to people at home and school.

After debrief, we rested and then joined our SCCC friends at the church where they are staying. We broke into four teams, drew dinner courses (appetizer, entree, side, and dessert) and were given a secret ingredient to use in our dish: cereal. Then, after deciding on a recipe and shopping list, each team went to the grocery store. We could spend up to $50 on our course, so teams had to be savvy shoppers. 

Back at the church, we then had an hour to cook our courses while sharing the church kitchen. It was cramped and busy, but it smelled delicious! At the end of the hour, we started working our way through the meal. A judge from each church took notes and ultimately decided the winning team: Team Dessert. They made snickers rice crispy bars with ice cream, and it was delicious!

After all the dishes were done, we also had a special birthday celebration for Alexander, who turned 19 today. The party included a special handmade card from the whole group and cookies from his mom delivered by a local bakery. 

It’s been a full day, a great day, and an exhausting day. We’re headed to bed because we know tomorrow will require just as much energy and grace. 

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