Education, Service, and a Bit of Magic

This morning we woke up at 5 am so that we could arrive at the bus staging area in time to go the Disney Education series at Epcot. The special program took us into Epcot prior to its open hours so that we could be led by facilitators who teach about culture and cultural encounter.  

After the Epcot experience, we returned to the conference center in time for morning worship, which featured a particularly inspiring speaker. After worship, we headed back to the buses and headed out for service projects. Because of a severe heat advisory, many service projects were cancelled — so we went to the Osceola Heritage Park’s convention center for additional workshops. One of the best workshops was about the secret history of Disney.

When we returned from those workshops, we got an unexpected opportunity to have an extra evening in a Disney Park — so we went to the Magic Kingdom for a night of rides, parades, and fireworks!  Now we’re headed to bed so we can get up tomorrow and head back for a full day in the parks.

(Note: while in the parks, we’ve split into smaller groups.  This makes it easier to get around, but also means Lara can’t get pics of everyone in time to post to the blog. Sorry!)

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