Serving in the Neighborhood

Today we got to help with TWIGS, a summer lunch program that provides meals and books to kids/families every weekday during the summer months.  As we prepped snack bags and loaded the van with books, Pastor Carol told us about the needs here in Cahokia, IL. In this town, 100% of the school children qualify for free or reduced price school lunches. That means that during the summer (they have no summer school), children often eat only one meal a day. TWIGS helps to address this need.

After prepping and loading, we headed over to the school parking lot where the meals are handed out. Kids rode up on bicycles or walked, and families showed up in cars. We handed out meal bags, helped children to pick out books, and presented parents with fresh tomatoes from the church’s straw bale garden.  Then we came back to the church and unloaded the van.

When our work with TWIGS was over, we spent the rest of the afternoon sorting and tagging book donations. These books will eventually end up in the TWIGS van where children can pick out new stories to take home and read. 

This evening we’ve played games, eaten breakfast for dinner (pancakes, bacon and eggs!), done showers, and spent time processing and praying about the day and the people we’ve met. Now we’re off to bed, because tomorrow is an early morning. We’ll check in again tomorrow night!



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