Work Hard, Play Hard

This morning our work schedule sent us to the Uni-Pres KinderCottage, a day care and early learning facility for low income families in and around East Saint Louis.  The teachers and administrators at this facility do a phenomenal job making money and supplies stretch so that every child gets quality care in a good environment — and having access to affordable childcare makes it possible for families to make ends meet while keeping their older children in school.  It is truly a blessing to many in this community.

Our work at KinderCottage was prepping the playground for some remodeling and repairs. We used shovels and rakes to pull back all the mulch and weeds so that it was easier for other workers to access the playground’s foundation with a backhoe.  It was very hot, hard work that will help all the children have a safe place to play.

After cooling off and changing clothes, we spent the second half of our day playing at the City Museum and then eating dinner near the Gateway Arch.  It was a fun way to spend a very hot, humid afternoon and evening! 

We’ve showered and had some devotional time. At this point, we are all exhausted from a very hot and busy day, so now we’re headed to bed. Check back in tomorrow for another update!


One thought on “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. Thank you so much for your updates!! I love seeing all of the pictures. Looks like lots of hard work but lots of fun too. Have a great day today.

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