2015 Chi Rho Mission Trip Begins!

Today we kicked off our middle school mission trip by driving to St. Louis, Missouri and then continuing on across the mighty Mississippi River to Cahokia, Illinois. This is our home base for the week; we are living, playing and resting in a local church during the hours that we aren’t working, and working at a variety of service agencies in Saint Louis.

This is a wonderful little church, and they are already showing us fabulous hospitality! We hope to thank them for their extravagant welcome by participating in their local outreach program. Every year they collect #2 pencils for the schoolchildren in Cahokia — many students come from families that cannot afford to provide more than 2-3 pencils for the entire year, and this program fills the gaps. We’ll purchase some pencils to add to the donation table this week, and you are welcome to join us in that endeavor.  If you’d like to help us, you can comment on this blog and we will email you the mailing address!
Tonight we are turning in early after a tasty quesadilla dinner.  We get up early for our first day of work tomorrow, as well as a dinner cooked by our church hosts. It will be a full day, and we’re looking forward to it!


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