Day Four: Time to Play!

Today we were able to explore Fort Worth!  We started off by sleeping in and taking our time in the morning. Then we headed to the TCU bookstore for a little purple and white souvenir shopping. Our next stop was the Fort Worth Zoo, where we spent several hours hanging out with all the animals, eating lunch (and ice cream!), and wandering until it got too darned hot. The heat of the day led us inside the Fort Worth Science Museum.  They had great exhibits, a cool Omni movie about robots, and even cooler air conditioning. 

At dinner time we headed over to Sundance Square for dinner at a Cajun restaurant called Razzoo’s.  The food was tasty and the company was even better!  Then, after dinner, we wandered the square and enjoyed the fountains and sculpture displays.  

We’ve showered at TCU and now we’re back at the church hanging out and playing games. Soon it will be time for bed, and tomorrow brings another day of work.  We’re looking forward to it!



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