Day Three: There is Enough

This morning we started our day with delightful Whataburger taquitos. With those tasty goodies in our bellies, we got straight to work around the church. One half of our group painted a wall in the youth room and inventoried the Room In the Inn closet while the other half demolished a wall and put up pegboard in the room that will house showers for mission groups and Room In the Inn guests. 

After lunch we had enough time for a nap! It was wonderful. 🙂 Then we took showers at TCU and headed to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to work a three hour shift doing quality control. We examined box after box of donated food, checking for a variety of defects and expiration dates.  The food that passed muster was placed on pallets so that it can be shipped to the 320 different service agencies in 13 counties that distribute the food. The organization is huge, and it was awesome to be a part of it!

For dinner, we gathered back at the church where church members were waiting with a fantastic home-cooked meal. There was even hot berry cobbler for dessert! After dinner, Dr. Andy Fort (a TCU religion professor) met with us and talked about ways that we can use our gifts to help fight hunger. He reminded us of a powerful truth: there is more than enough food in the world for everyone to eat and have leftovers.  Our attitudes of scarcity make it difficult to solve the problem. 

Our evening games helped to drive home the point that there is enough if we decide to share instead of hoarding what God has given us.  They were also a special joy because Nate, Ridglea’s custodian (and one of the kindest souls on earth) joined us for the games. He also joined us for evening worship, where we reflected on Luke 14:15-22 and revealed our prayer partners for the day.

Now we are winding down and preparing for tomorrow: a day of exploring Fort Worth!  


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