“No – You Look Like a Poodle!”

Today we began our day by worshipping at the north campus of Geist Christian Church outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The experience was very different that our usual Sunday morning in Smithville: the campus is six years old and very modern, they have their own full-service espresso bar, worship takes place in a gymnasium, and the worship service is filled with praise music and multimedia expressions.  At the same time, the experience was very similar: we shared in communion, the Word was preached, people passed the peace of Christ, and we worshipped the same God.  It was a wonderful way to get a taste of both the diversity and unity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

After worship we loaded into the van and began the last leg of our journey to Detroit.  Alexander is keeping a quote journal for us on the trip, and it is already filling up with sayings both wonderful and ridiculous (see this entry’s title for an example).  We played scrabble, took turns selecting songs on the iPod (a wide variety of current music, 80s music and more), and ate our way across Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.  

We arrived at Northwestern Christian Church in the late afternoon.  After receiving a brief tour, we unloaded the van and took some time to set up our sleeping area before resting and playing games. Then we gathered with the leaders of Rippling Hope for the first of our dinners together, which will all be lovingly prepared by Robin.  After dinner, Carl gave us an orientation about the history and mission of Rippling Hope and let us know that tomorrow we will be painting the kitchen of a house in one of the nearby neighborhoods.  We are looking forward to getting to work, so after a few more hands of Apples to Apples we’ll head to bed.  

It’s good to be here.  We’ll check in again tomorrow!




IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1915 IMG_1916









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